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Bed Yoga with Larissa

Yoga promotes a bounty of mind and body benefits, including things like strength, flexibility and stress relief… and we can do yoga without even leaving our bed. It’s all about finding ways that works for us that is realistic and accessible to us. There are so... read more

Yoga Dad presents What is Yoga?

Short video from Billabong Retreat founder Paul aka ‘Yoga Dad’ explaining why we all need to do yoga! read more

Ten Minute Morning Practice

Simple morning routine from Billabong Retreat founder Paul suitable for all ages and middle aged men as well! read more

What is Yoga by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen Yoga is an ancient guide to bringing joy and contentment to human beings. It originates from the Vedas, one of the earliest sources of human wisdom that is over four thousand years old and was chanted from generation to generation before the written... read more

Pumpkin Frittata

Serves: 4 Time to make: 40 mins Ingredients: ½ a pumpkin 1 red capsicum 2 cups chopped spinach 5 eggs 150g cottage cheese salt and pepper Instructions Preheat the oven to 200°C. Have a large baking dish ready, lightly greased. Dice pumpkin into little squares. Place... read more

Practice Makes Perfect by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen We have all heard this phrase a million times and know it to be true. It is a simple concept that us humans are able to grasp. We know for instance that if we practice a sport we will get better at it, if we practice the piano our skills will... read more

Reuse Water Bottles

Why yogis should use reusable water bottles. Yoga comes from the root Sanskrit word for yoke, which means to connect. This means connecting the different aspects of your being; your mind, body and spirit and connecting with your own nature, the nature of other people... read more

ABC Radio ‘Practice Makes Perfect’

ABC Radio ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ Great program about neural plasticity and the importance of regular practice – this is the science of why we need to do a daily yoga meditation practice!   read more

“The breath is the link between the conscious and unconscious mind”

Read more

The Breath is The Link

“The breath is the link between the conscious and unconscious mind” read more

Breathing Meditation Made Easy by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen Breathing is such an under-rated skill in the West. Our obsession is all about the heart, and exercising to get it to beat fast in the bizarre hope that is all we will need to do to stay healthy. We are so dumb sometimes. Breathing is what gives us... read more
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