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Conscious Manifestation: Joy in Action

How do we bring forth our deepest aspirations into a living experience? In this article we’ll be looking at how to distinguish when we manifest from a place of presence and when we let ego run the show. We’ll also explore how we can work with our insecurities and... read more

Documentary: Willandra Wisdom Walk

Walking has been used as a way of contemplation for thousands of years, a path for uncovering the wisdom embedded in the Earth, our bodies and spirits. Here is a short and sweet documentary exploring what wisdom means across different cultures and eras:... read more

A Buddhist Practise to Awaken Compassion – Tonglen

It takes courage to face our thoughts and emotions with gentle honesty. The parts of ourselves we’d prefer to deny and cover up with our well perfected strategies of escaping. Some are rather benign like going for a walk or watching a movie whilst others can be quite... read more
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