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larissa harcombe

Body Awareness Meditation with Larissa

Enjoy this guided meditation for body awareness in order to support you in releasing tension and stress from your chest and stomach.    ... read more

Visualise your future with Larissa

As humans, we tend to be more focused on what we don’t want to happen in our life; caught up in worry about what might occur… Imagine if we spend just 7 minutes a day visualising what we do want our future to look like. Science shows that visualisation can... read more

Meditation to Hit Pause

In these uncertain times, the benefits of slowing down are more apparent than ever. While the world speeds up around us, why not spend five minutes per day hitting pause and connecting to your breath? Enjoy this guided meditation by Larissa inviting you to take five... read more

The Science of Sound

“IF YOU WANT TO FIND THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE, THINK IN TERMS OF ENERGY, FREQUENCY AND VIBRATION.” – NIKOLA TESLA We need silence in order to hear sound and we need to experience sound in order to appreciate silence. The dualities of this world that for whatever... read more

Meditation on breath with Larissa

A simple guided breath awareness meditation designed to take us to a place of rest and relaxation. Take a little break out of our day to connect within for as little as 6 minutes. Just sit or recline back and listen to the recording below.   About Larissa Larissa... read more

Meditation: “Let go” mantra with Larissa

Below is a simple guided mantra (words repeated) meditation linked with the breath to create a sense of freedom and release. The mantra is simply “Let Go”. If there is anything that may be causing you stress or tension this is a great meditation to begin... read more

Cultivating self compassion with Larissa

When we are compassionate towards ourselves we are more likely to keep trying and keep moving forward. The opposite is also true when we are hard or more critical towards ourselves, we are more likely to want to give up in despair and stop trying. Over the years of... read more

Why do we find it so hard to do things that we know are good for us?

“There is no teacher that can teach us anything new, they can only help to remind us what we already knew.” Why is it we know many things that are beneficial to our wellbeing, however, for whatever reason we find it hard or challenging to do so? We know many of the... read more

Bed Yoga with Larissa

Yoga promotes a bounty of mind and body benefits, including things like strength, flexibility and stress relief… and we can do yoga without even leaving our bed. It’s all about finding ways that works for us that is realistic and accessible to us. There are so... read more

Watch your Words

I mean really watch them. What are you saying to yourself over and over again on a regular basis? Notice if we say I don’t have this or this always happens to me. I can’t do this or perhaps I can do that. What happens?  Does it ironically always happen to you? If we... read more

Self Love with Larissa

So many are constantly looking outside themselves for love. In the next relationship, chocolate bar, cigarette, drugs, sex, what ever it might be, take your pick. There is a feeling you are seeking whether you realise it or not in everything we do or purchase. Love... read more
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