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guided meditation

Body Awareness Meditation with Larissa

Enjoy this guided meditation for body awareness in order to support you in releasing tension and stress from your chest and stomach.    ... read more

Find Your Roots Meditation with Basia

Enjoy this grounding meditation with Basia. She will guide you through a visualisation of being like a tree and allowing your roots to connect down deep into the ground. A great one for anyone feeling destabilised, uncertain or scattered. About Basia Basia is a yoga... read more

Visualise your future with Larissa

As humans, we tend to be more focused on what we don’t want to happen in our life; caught up in worry about what might occur… Imagine if we spend just 7 minutes a day visualising what we do want our future to look like. Science shows that visualisation can... read more

Grateful Day Meditation with Basia

Do you ever start your day “from the wrong side of the bed”? We feel you! In this guided meditation on of our teachers Basia invites you to start your day with gratitude to shift your mindset for a fresh and grateful day, We hope you enjoy it!   About... read more

Meditation 101: Acknowledging thoughts with Basia

We all have thoughts circulating around our mind all the time, but are you ever actually aware of them? Can you connect with the space behind thought? Watch this video with Basia where she introduces this idea and then guides a short meditation for acknowledging... read more
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