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Book: Breath by James Nestor

I feel like every month I write a book review and every book I say “this is a must read”. But this one really is! Okay, they all are… James Nestor so beautifully explains the science of breathing including the power of breathing through the nose (and... read more

Book: Attached

As someone who has always struggled to find balance and functionality in relationships, the book Attached was a huge sigh of relief for me. In the book, Dr Amir Levine and Rachel Heller outline the three different attachment systems that differentiate the ways that... read more

Book: Why We Sleep

We have been told for decades that sleep and exercise are crucial for optimal health but we don’t really consider sleep to be just as important… until now! Matthew Walker is a neuroscientist and psychologist that has dedicated his days to understanding... read more

Book: The top five regrets of the dying

Have you ever spent time with a loved one at the end of their life and asked them about their regrets? What they wish they spent more time on? Less time on? Things they wish they did? In the film Embrace, Nigel Marsh talks about how we all wait for the big four before... read more

Book: Making Peace Before You Eat

We might be a little bit biased, since Angie used to be a chef at Billabong, but we think that this is one of the best cookbooks out there. More than just a cookbook, Making Peace Before You Eat inspires the reader to connect with their meal, eating with mindfulness... read more

Book: Recovery – Freedom from Our Addictions

When you think of ‘addiction’, what do you think of? Addiction comes in many forms, from the more obvious and in your face like drug addiction and alcoholism to the more subtle forms of food addiction, materialism and addiction to technology. Russell Brand... read more

Book: Ishmael – An Adventure of the Mind and Spirit

The thing I love about Ishmael is that it is written as a novel which means it is so easy to read! Too often I buy books that are full of wisdom but I struggle to sit down and actually read them. But not Ishmael. Daniel Quinn finally got this book published in 1992... read more
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