with Billabong Retreat founder Paul von Bergen






Mindfulness Retreats

With Billabong Retreat founder, Paul von Bergen

The retreats listed below include a daily mindfulness program taught by our founder, Paul von Bergen. Read more about Paul by clicking here.

These programs can be done in any order. They run 2pm Sunday to 1pm Wednesday (three nights) and you can add on additional wellness programs afterwards (Wed to Fri) or weekend programs before (Fri to Sun).

All of these mindfulness programs include daily workshop with Paul, eco-certified accomodation in stunning nature setting, whole-food organic meals, all drinks and snacks, twice daily yoga, daily meditations, live music, inspirational film night, drawing meditation, mindful eating workshop, silent breakfast experience, use of on site bikes, access to follow up course notes and online meditations and podcasts.

Mindfulness Essentials

A great introductory program exploring the history of mindfulness, how it has been taught in the past and how it is taught currently around the whole, a summary of the key concepts, the science of mindfulness and meditation and lots of opportunity to practice mindfulness meditations of various methods.

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Discover Your Intelligences

Previously Mindfulness Essentials ii

This program investigates how we are all born with different strengths and intelligences and these are way more than just the standard intellectual or academic intelligence that the Western world so relishes.

We will explore emotional, heart, digestive and kinaesthetic intelligences with particular focus on developing and using emotional intelligence to live a heart centred life. Includes lots of opportunity for meditation.

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Living with Purpose

Previously Mindfulness Essentials iii

This program explores what it means to be a human-being, a homo-sapien. We look at how we can rise about the evolutionary baggage that we carry from our cellular, vertebrate and mammalian past by regular training of our most evolved part, the brain’s executive control centre or frontal cerebral cortex.

We also examine the wisdom of the past ten thousand years through both Eastern & Western traditional philosophies and religions and distill a number of core shared concepts that can be used as a universal guide for living so we can live lives of value and of purpose that are based on the things that we deeply and truely care about. Includes twice daily yoga.

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