Find Ease in Your Body

2pm Fri to 1pm Sun every 4 weeks

As we move through life our bodies carry us as the vessel of our soul. Even though we are much more than our bodies, in order to achieve soul connection it is vital to be able to move awareness through the layers of our physical and energetic form. This retreat is designed to give you the skills to take you there.

  • Establish mind/body connection through developing new skills
  • Learn how to achieve physical and energetic balance
  • Create awareness around thought processes which are not serving you
  • Fall in love and shine light on the darker parts of yourself

This retreat includes daily general yoga class, evening meditation plus daily workshops using the ancient wisdoms provided by yoga and Eastern philosophies and Western body movement experts.

Advanced Yoga retreat

Yoga is a journey of the self, through the self, to the self

The Bhavagad Gita

Retreat Programs

Our retreat programs always include twice daily yoga classes and evening meditation plus additional daily workshops exploring yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stress, self care or nutrition. They are optional to attend. Combine two for longer stays.

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What's Included?

Your stay with us is packed with value and everything you need for a relaxing retreat. You'll get your accommodation, linen & towels,  daily themed workshops, daily yoga, evening meditations, all delicious whole-food meals, all drinks and snacks.

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Treat Yourself with Extras

Indulge, refresh & transform yourself with our optional extras. Choose private yoga or meditation consults, relaxing massages, hot stone, facials, reiki, kinesiology or hypnotherapy - there is something for everyone.

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