Ramblings & recipes from around the billabong

Raw cacao and almond meal bliss balls

…makes around 15 Bliss Balls are such a wonderful treat and super-food snack. You can put almost anything in them, nuts seeds, dried fruit, peppermint or orange oils! So so easy too. 2 cups almond meal 2 -3 heaped tblspns raw cacao 1 ½ cups pitted dates 11/2 cups...

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Background to Mindfulness by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen Inspired by John Kabat Zinn If you were part of the London Philharmonic Orchestra you would not dream of using your instrument without tuning it first yet. The mind is our instrument of running our life yet most of us don’t spend even a moment of...

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Tory’s Gluten Free Muffins – Yum

Delicious almond, currant and carrot muffins - makes about 10. 3 organic eggs ½ cup olive oil 1/3 cup mapel syrup 1 tspn vanilla 2 tspns cinnamon powder 1tsp baking powder 1tsp baking soda 1 cup of almond meal 1 cup brown rice flour 1/3cup LSA. or any ground seeds 1...

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 Billabong Original OMG chocolate sauce

The yummiest healthiest quickest chocolate sauce in the world! Half a can of organic coconut cream (powder can also be used) 1/3 cup of raw organic cocoa or cacao, more can be added for a darker thicker sauce 1/3 cup of maple syrup, rice syrup,  ½ teaspoon of stevia...

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Magnesium, the Miracle Mineral

Tory has just finished reading ‘Magnesium, the Miracle Mineral, by Sandra Cabot Reading this opened my eyes to the incredible healing powers of magnesium. Most of us are aware of magnesium as a mineral to assist with muscle cramps and heart health. I am surprised to...

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Nut roast w gravy

Serves 6 2 tomatoes chopped ½ cup spelt bread crumbs 2 onions 2 cups raw unsalted cashew nuts 3 cloves garlic 2 eggs Dried Italian herbs (oregano, basil ) 1 cup any grated veges (kumera, pumpkin, zucchini) Olive oil (cold pressed) ½ cup grated cheese (optional) In a...

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Reuse Water Bottles

Why yogis should use reusable water bottles. Yoga comes from the root Sanskrit word for yoke, which means to connect. This means connecting the different aspects of your being; your mind, body and spirit and connecting with your own nature, the nature of other people...

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Tory’s Veggie Stack with Nut Mince

For sixteen - divide for less! Baked Seasonal Vegetables  1 whole Pumpkin  3 eggplants Eggplant  3 medium Sweet potato  4-5 Zucchini  2 kgs Rocket  5 large tomato Nut mince for sprinkles 4 Onions 4 cloves Garlic 11/2 cups of any nuts, use at least 2 types like walnuts...

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Tory’s Thai Pumpkin Soup

Serves 6 1 whole med pumpkin…make sure they are ripe (jap, butternut and qld blue can be used also depending on sweetness and availability) 1 sweet potato 1 med onion diced 300mls veg stock (herbamare) maybe need more, add gradually 2 garlic cloves Seasoning Nutmeg...

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A Beautiful Thing…

What a beautiful gift. From one human to another. The gift of life. Just watched the last ten minutes of a SBS documentary with Caroline Quentin, Passage Through India. It featured an incredible place where babies are brought into this world in a safe and loving...

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City Life by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen Why is it that when we have all this space in the world, most of us like to cram in together in cities. Is it just because of work opportunities? Is it because of the arts? Do we think we will miss out on something otherwise? Perhaps we get a buzz...

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Breathing Meditation Made Easy by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen Breathing is such an under-rated skill in the West. Our obsession is all about the heart, and exercising to get it to beat fast in the bizarre hope that is all we will need to do to stay healthy. We are so dumb sometimes. Breathing is what gives us...

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Indigenous Wisdom by Paul von Bergen

By Paul von Bergen If you have read the article on perspective, then you will realize that the amount of time that Europeans have been in Australia is miniscule compared to the time that indigenous people have. About 250 years versus 40,000 years – 0.00625% of the...

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Great Images

Great images taken as stills of the ABC TV footage - hope it looks this good on TV later in the year (Making Couples Happy - date of airing TBC)

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The trick to life is not to live in the know but to love living in the mystery

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The Trick To Life

The trick to life is not to live in the know but to love living in the mystery Dr Fred Alan Wolfe

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