Meditation… We all hear that it is good for us and many ‘wish’ they could do it daily, yet most still struggle to get it done. Why is that? In this book Sally Kempton encourages you to uncover your love for meditation. She implores us to stop making our meditation practice something to tick off the to-do list and instead approach every sitting with curiosity and joy.

Sally weaves together meditation guidance, tantric philosophy and personal anecdotes together beautifully in this easy to digest book. You will find many meditation practices within the pages that will help ignite your passion for meditation, simply and effectively. A wonderful and open-hearted read for anyone with an interest in the art of meditation.

Notable quotes

“When you approach your meditation with interest, that simple time of sitting becomes enjoyable in itself.”

“I have come to measure my spiritual progress by how much I am in alignment with that initial insight – by how firmly I am able to identify myself with Consciousness rather than with the person I sometimes think I am.”

“The ultimate goal of meditation, of course, is to experience the full emergence of your own pure Consciousness, the inner state of luminosity, love, and wisdom…”

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About Kirsty

Kirsty is a yoga and meditation teacher who currently hosts our Monday to Wednesday retreats. She is known for her soothing voice and knack for sharing the teachings of yoga and meditation in a way that is inclusive and accessible to all.

A long battle with anxiety led Kirsty to the practice and it completely transformed her way of life. She realised that her actions affected not just her, but all of the world. That is when she committed to the life-long journey towards wholeness that, with the help of yoga, she continues today. To Kirsty, yoga is a path to self-exploration, conscious awareness, and compassion.

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