You probably learnt about the five elements growing up but have you ever considered how they affect us?

Our current society rewards doing, achieving and succeeding and all of that physical and mental movement can mean we spend a lot of time with fire and air running through us; as a result of all of that drive, passion and multitasking.

Watch this video by retreat host Kirsty as she explains how we can explore the earth element in our practice to bring a sense of grounding, stability and safety into our lives.

About Kirsty

Kirsty is a yoga and meditation teacher who currently hosts our Monday to Wednesday retreats. She is known for her soothing voice and knack for sharing the teachings of yoga and meditation in a way that is accessible to all.

A long battle with anxiety led Kirsty to the practice and it completely transformed her way of life. She realised that her actions affected not just her, but all of the world. That is when she committed to the life-long journey towards wholeness that, with the help of yoga, she continues today. To Kirsty, yoga is a path to self-exploration, conscious awareness, and compassion.

Find out more about Kirsty on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

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